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Genealogy and Family History are more than just collecting names. Once in a while a story comes to light that makes fascinating reading and warrants further investigation. Here is one such story.
In 1835 MARY MALPAS was murdered in Chapel Field, Hunsterton. This foul deed was allegedly carried out by THOMAS BAGGULEY, as told on the grave stone, that is to be found in St. Margaret's Churchyard, Betley, where Mary is buried. (a photograph of this is below, accompanied by a transcription of the text on the monument. Click on the small image to see a larger copy)

THOMAS was found dead by hanging the next morning, and therefore it was assumed that he had committed the murder. THOMAS was buried in Wynbunbury Churchyard at midnight on 1st July 1835 according to the statutes of the time for people who had committed suicide? After several years of research we have gathered a large amount of evidence to suggest that THOMAS was not guilty of this shocking crime, but, we are still looking for more information about this foul deed. If you think that you have heard a family tale or story that relates to this crime we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you have any information please contact betley-history@tiscali.co.uk

Click here for a larger copy - warning, it's 609kb
is erected by Subscription.
To the Memory of
the beloved Daughter, of
who at the early age of 15 Years
& 10 Months
was on the night of June 28h 1835
most basely, and cruelly murdered
an elderly Married MAN
He escaped the punishment of
the law, by adding his own
Death to that of his

Lone was the place and dark the midnight hour
Which gave sweet MARY to the ruffians powr
Stedfast in faith and strong in virtues might
She fell a martyr on that awful night
Now safe from sin and harm. She rests secure
Among the blessed who in heart are pure


Click here for a transcript of a report in the Staffordshire Advertiser. July 1835.


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