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Monumental Inscriptions
The following text is the introduction, transcribed from the printed copy which is available from the society.

As churches go, Christ Church, Crewe is by no means old. It was built by the Grand Junction Railway Company, together with housing for its employees during the birth of Crewe Town as we know it today. It was consecrated on 18th December 1845 by the Rt. Revd. John Sumner, Bishop of Chester. It was extended in 1864 by addition of aisles (which had galleries erected inside but which were short-lived), by the tower in 1877, by the chancel in 1898 and by the chapel in 1906. During the ministry of Walter Bidlake (1903-1924) the old peal of eight bells was recast and expanded to a peal of ten. The grave yard was limited in size and gradually the Town cemetery came into use allowing the graveyard to be closed to further burials. In the early 1970's, wood rot was discovered in the nave roof and the church was partially demolished in 1977. As much as practicable was re-used and many of the original fittings were retained. Some were re-used by other churches, such as the majority of the pews ending up at Holy Trinity, Llandudno and the old high altar going to St. Barnabas, in West St., Crewe. It was reopened for worship in 1979.

This booklet of Monumental Inscriptions was originally compiled by Peter Chadwick in 1990 from the records held by the Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council. The inscriptions on the gravestones were recorded in 1954, but as the stones were destroyed in the 1960's to allow easier upkeep of the church ground, there is no way of checking the accuracy of the recordings (those in Part One). In addition there are a number of Monuments and Dedications from various locations in the town, also recorded in 1990.

There are drawings of most of the gravestones which will give an indication of their appearance. (These will be found in the Cheshire Record Office - EDP93/2/2 )

By reference to old Postcards of the Churchyard one might get an indication of the location of some of the stones.

The illustration on the inside cover is taken from an old (hand-tinted) postcard in the possession of the editor and thought to be from around 1910 -1920 .

Additional information given in the above description of the church is taken from "Chronicles from Christ Church, Crewe", a booklet produced as a souvenir for the Church's 150th Birthday, Advent 1995.

This edition was re-edited and indexed by Mike Grose, December 1996 and published on Micro-fiche in January 1997.

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