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Soundex Name Matcher.

Soundex is a phonetic code created to help index various U.S. Census data since 1880.

Full details about the Soundex Indexing System can be found on the American National Archive and Records Administration site.

Soundex works by encoding a surname into a combination of a letter followed by 3 digits. The intention is that names which sound the same will produce the same encoding. Hence to look for matching names, all one has to do is to compare the Soundex values.

The Cheshire BMD site can make use of this when you ask to search its indexes.

To see the Soundex value for the names that you are interested in, use our Soundex Code Demonstrator page.

Alternatively, if you enter a name in the box below and press the List Names button, we will search a large list of surnames that we have gathered from the Cheshire BMD web site to show you all that match the name. The list that we will display is not a complete list of names, it is only names that we know of from our work in indexing some of the births, marriages and deaths records from Cheshire.

Enter the name that you wish to match with:
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